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WGarage Workshop Preparation

I did not prep the garage until almost a year into the project when I was ready to bring the clecoed rear fuselage assembly up from the basement. My main reason for splitting the garage was not to steal the wifes winter parking space, but to make a dedicated workspace just for the airplane fuselage.Concern to protect the project from footballs, lacrosse balls, bikes and other kids stuff was the second reason.. Having 2 separate garage doors was a big help to allowing this to work well.
Of course the garage was a mess, but I put up shelving all over the place to store the stuff that normally sits all over the floor. I layed out the best possible scenario for setting up a divider to allow maximium space to work on the plane but still allow plenty of space for all of the other stuff. It took about 3 days to complete and turned out better than I planned.
A cheap wood screen door allows access without opening the garage door into the snow or rain and letting any precious heat outside. It opens outward towards the bikes and springs shut.
On rainy days I would just open the opposite door for fresh air.
I used cheap luan wood to cover the bottom area, screwed in for easy removal when the project is done. To keep from feeling closed in but still offering great protection and allowing fresh air, I used chicken wire to cover the top half of the wall up to the ceiling.
It also allows for great visibility of the project to friends and visitors walking through.
Here you can see the fuselage tucked into the finished garage shop in the fall of 2006. Here I was working on a custom battery tray for a Concord RG battery.You can see the blue hose for the compressor coiled up and easilly accessable. Notice all of the storage against the wall that came in handy. I even used some scrap pegboard for some limited tool storage on the wood wall and a large piece on the left wall held all of the components needed for the electrical system. On the left side near the rear fuselage is a work bench to keep track of parts and small assemblies. Its snug in here but still plenty of space to get the job done.
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